New car ponderings

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New car ponderings

Post by Welly »

We're firmly into replacing the Citroen C4 early next year and so the quest begins for its successor, the reason mainly being to replace it with something larger and more comfortable for the many long journeys we seem to do now and for something with a high seating position because it's simply better, you may know I've shown an unhealthy interest in the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 diesel/electric with funky gearbox. I'm not afraid of the gearbox as we've owned one now for nearly 50K miles, I'm not afraid of DPF's either for the same reason. I'm not afraid of the electric motor or batteries because Bosch. A 2014/15 3008 can be had for about £7k - not bad considering they were almost £30K new.

What I am afraid of is a similarly built Citroen DS5 with the Hybrid System, Autotrader reveals 13 of the brutes on offer and almost all of them have had either 4 or 5 owners in their 6 to 8 year life....alarm bells!

Why would DS5's go through so many ownership changes? is it the depreciation of large french cars hitting them? or are they hopeless? I'm expecting the which case they'd make a bit of a bargain for us idiots prepared for the challenge. Not saying we'll go the DS5 route but just found it interesting.
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Re: New car ponderings

Post by steve_earwig »

Nothing much on Honest "we love VW" John, surprisingly little tbh, considering how much they hate French motors on there. Umm, have a look on some frog car forums?

resists urge to check prices here it'll only be depressing...
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Re: New car ponderings

Post by Doggy »

Go get that merc taxi you were hankering over a while back, you know it makes sense.

I was in a petrol hybrid one recently that combined uncanny quiet with rocket ship acceleration
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Re: New car ponderings

Post by PeterN »

The Mk3 C5 estate is a large and very comfortable car but the seating is not all that high and there are not many about, they stopped making them in 2017. I bought one this year and my wife was so impressed with it I bought another one. Its the steel sprung model but rides almost as well as the hydropnumatic and is a lot simpler.

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