FM transmitter fitted - direct plug in type

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FM transmitter fitted - direct plug in type

Post by Welly »

Never been in this part of the forum before :oops: but felt compelled to share this little bit of tech with you:

Got this little gadget set up yesterday and it works a treat, I've not been able to play CD's for 4 years! and I've finally grown sick of the tacky Radio Stations, I mean adverts, so sanity is now restored.

Uses my mobile phone's Bluetooth (or a 3.5mm jack) and also acts as a charger too. I can receive calls through the car's stereo, listen to Spotify playlists (get me!), adjust the volume and even skip tracks. Also has a nice voltage meter built in.

I don't know much about techy stuff usually but this fits the bill perfectly for me, this is actually the superseded model but I preferred the way the screen sat out of the way of the gearchange etc. the screen tilts too so if you knocked the thing only the screen would move a bit, cost about £16.00.

Apologies for the non-406 interior, and for the fact I can't remember where the fag lighter is in a 406 :oops:
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Re: FM transmitter fitted - direct plug in type

Post by steve_earwig »

I have a much simpler device but I found there are so many over-modulated radio stations here I kept having my listening pleasure interrupted by the local garbage, even with the car's antenna removed, so it got superseded by CD emulators actually plugged in the back of the radio. Far less comprehensive (all it does is play or skip tracks) but far better for my mental heath.

I still have it for when I get sick of the retard next door playing Radio Bananavina or similar stations broadcasting music designed to help elderly Croats slip into the afterlife. It makes it easier to bear when I know I can completely silence it, or maybe start loudly broadcasting one of Hitler's speeches when the idiot's too far away to do anything about it.
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Re: FM transmitter fitted - direct plug in type

Post by archangel2 »

they are handy gadget BUT when your radio cant be tuned to FM station it`s a bust :evil: :evil:
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