Another bargain!

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Re: Another bargain!

Post by highlander »

Exhaust tip's hanging kinda low too, isn't it? I know it's a diesel and the tip is turned down, but it looks like it might need a new exhaust hanger.

Actually, the auction is for *two* 406 HDi's - this one, and his daughter's one. The wording in the ad is slightly ambiguous but it suggests it's his daughter's 406 that has the brake fault.

If someone buys this, then they will have a gold 406 with nearly a full year's ticket, and a spares car (or one that can probably be repaired without much work).

Pet peeve: the photos don't show the registration, so I can't look it up on the MOT history checker. The photos don't show the extent of the rust on the sill. The photos appear to have been taken using a camera with potato resolution, presumably from about 10 - 15 years ago, so details of bodywork dings and rust are hard to make out. Also, no photos of the other car at all.
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Re: Another bargain!

Post by Welly »

Seems to me that members on here with a good known 406 should hang onto it.....

Brake servo test I thought was to pump the brake pedal hard with engine off...start engine....pedal will sink a bit....but not hit the floor obvs.

I don't know what the problem could be unless the replacement MC has been fitted wrong or is leaking. It shouldn't really be too bad to fix.
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Re: Another bargain!

Post by steve_earwig »

Think it depends if it's got brake assist or not - ... ink#p41842
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