Idiot neighbour...

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Idiot neighbour...

Post by hullcitytilidie »

I'm depressed - I mean I really am - have suffered for years. So I keep myself to myself and try not to annoy anyone. Except it seems the idiot next door. He constantly parks inches from my bumper then sits all over my bonnet while he struggles to get his shopping out of his boot. I've got loads of pictures but don't want to get involved with his sillyness so say nothing. Tonight however I flipped and confronted him when my wife pointed out his car pressed up hard against my bumper. Didn't do any good though - it seems that I am just a f......nutter and he just laughed and walked away. Seems like I loose again. It's a horrible life when you get old - thirty years ago he would have had to take his coat off!! There I feel a bit better now after a rant! :D
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Re: Idiot neighbour...

Post by highlander »

If he keeps doing it, go to the police. You have a right to expect people to not clamber all over your property, just as he has a right to expect *not* to get a call from the police if he *doesn't* clamber all over your property. It's your car, not his.
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Re: Idiot neighbour...

Post by Welly »

What do the Americans say again? don't get mad get even....

Easy to say that though, sounds like the Neighbour's being 'ageist' towards you. I keep myself to myself mainly because I don't really like most other people's selfishness and self-entitled behavior these days however I have started to make a conscious effort to speak to people who I think may be more like myself, say, in the shops or wherever, sometimes some friendly eye contact starts it off; it's quite liberating and is a good barrier-breaker. There's very few people who absolutely cannot be civil when approached calmly in a friendly manner.

Perhaps you could try getting to know this guy? explain a little about yourself and what you used to do in your younger days; you might have a common interest. If he's pre-judged your personality out of thin air then prove him wrong. You could maybe then explain that you'd prefer him not to park so close as you don't want to get blocked in when you might need the car to go somewhere etc...

There is no way on this earth he is 'better' than you, how could he be?

Obviously I'm not telling you how to deal with this guy you can only make that decision yourself and equally you might prefer to leave the whole thing behind you. There's a rolling thread on here called "and today I have mostly been" that's a great place to chat about daily stuff, you're more than welcome to contribute there :)
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