old topic, 406 replacement ?

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Re: old topic, 406 replacement ?

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Welly wrote: Mon Aug 10, 2020 8:43 am
johntl wrote: Sun Jun 28, 2020 12:44 pm anybody had one of these ?
the pug 508, looks , full of kit , complicated ! french electrics !! :frown:
I would much rather have a 508 over any Ford!

The 508 will be a proper Peugeot and not full of borrowed/cheapened Ford bits.

It's a shame French cars still seem to have this "electrics" stigma, my experience with anything newer than year 2000 has been the opposite. You're FAR more likely to have electrical issues with a VAG product than French but no-one will admit it openly because German cars are the best* and never* have faults.

Yup. I've recently received personal abuse on Youtube from a BMW fanboy. I'd commented on a video about the mid 80's E30 3-series. I bought a brand new 325i back then. Rear shockers collapsed within a few weeks of driving it back from the factory in Munich. And it had a snappy rear end that BMW should have sorted after the poor reputation of the previous 3 series. I commented, and added that I loved the engine, straight 6, 170bhp, but the rest of it was a very ordinary saloon. That didn't go down at all well with the fans.

I got rid of my 2002 Golf TDI last August. A few weeks before the MOT, up popped the ABS light. Ran the diagnostics software, and it showed up as a rear sensor fault. Bought a new sensor, and set about what I thought would be a straightforward small job. Sweating under a hot 27 degree sun trying to remove the old sensor, hacking, drilling it out. Only to find , after I fitted the new one, that that didn't cure the problem. At which point, I'd had enough of Volkswagen electrics. There were lots of previous electrical offences by this car that I took into consideration in my decision to get rid.

Now driving a 2006 Yaris Mk2 1.0.
I just needed a period of boring, and reliable.

Thinking maybe a 2010 - 2014 DS3 1.6 118bhp non turbo might be next..

[ The PD engine in the Golf had done moon mileage, 240,000+ miles, used no oil, and felt like it was good for the same distance again..., it was the electrics that drove me away... ]
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Re: old topic, 406 replacement ?

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Still looking !!
anybody thoughts on the lexus Is 220d 2010 ?? :frown: :frown:
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