Hmm.. What to do 😏

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Hmm.. What to do 😏

Post by Nickyyaryar »

Just got this little beauty for a steal. It’s done 42k, hdi 90 and runs like a dream.

I want to do some nice things to it, so if anyone has an executive interior or some Perspex headlight covers please gimme a shout and I’ll trade you for the rocking horse sh*t that I have in my safe 😉

Think some 18 inch lincancubar alloys when I find some.. these 206 wheels definitely need more spacing in the mean time.

From what I’m reading in the threads this isn’t the engine to tune, is it really that bad? 😂

I mean I like it, it’s clean and cheap to run and nippy enough.. would just be nice to modernise it a bit and keep up with ze Germans 🤷‍♂️
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Re: Hmm.. What to do 😏

Post by PeterN »

I ran 406 estates for about 10 years, brilliant car, probably the best one Peugeot ever made, mine were the 110 bhp ones. I think the main difference between is the lack of an intercooler, there should be a good number of cars out there that you could obtain an intercooler and the necessary pipes from, then it will probably require some tuning to get the full output.

I wouldn't use anything other than 15" tyres on mine as my primary requirement is ride comfort and they are the optimum, but if you are used to most modern cars that shake your teeth loose you probably won't notice so much.

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Re: Hmm.. What to do 😏

Post by dirtydirtydiesel »

The main difference between a 90 & a 110 is one is Bosch fueling & ecu controlled turbo (110)
with the aforementioned intercooler and pipework.
A 90 is Siemens fueling & mechanical boost control with no intercooler.

HDi tuning can supply you two levels of re-map 1st 125bhp no supporting mods needed
or up to 150bhp , you need to fit a intercooler, remove the cat ect.
Have a read up on there website.

You want 20mm hubcentric spacers all round with those Challengers, a 40mm drop would massively improve
the look & handling as well.
A coupe front strut brace is a cheep bolt on mod that sharpens up the front end & improves turn in.

Leather interior for an estate, good luck finding that.
They are out there but just try finding it :?
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Re: Hmm.. What to do 😏

Post by steve_earwig »

The memory fades but I think early 90's are still Bosch, later are Siemens. Much can be done with the Bosch while the Siemens is pretty fixed, you can't do much with them without sending them off for modifications.
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