Stereo replacement

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Stereo replacement

Post by Wag »

My clarion radio/CD player is on its way out. Replaced the aerial (estate) £10 from Halfords, that made an improvement to reception. However, the CD player is holding a disc hostage and has ceased operating.
Has anyone any suggestions on a decent, easy replacement?
Not really bothered about the remote on the steering column working.
Answers on a postcard etc etc.
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Re: Stereo replacement

Post by kandrew »

It's been a long time and no one has replied to you. Is the old Clarion still hanging on?

What's the setup of your centre console? I have two 406s and they are very different to each other. I couldn't have done to my 2003 model what I did to my 1999 model because of the differences. Mind you, it's been so long since I saw the '99 model in its original guise, I'm having trouble remembering what it did look like.

However, the '03 model has a much more integrated look to the dashboard than the '99 model.

The early one (still a D9, or restyling) was a simple matter of pulling out the old, non-functioning unit with a cassette player and a (missing) CD stacker in the boot. As I think back now, probably the missing CD stacker was the main reason I had to replace the whole set-up. There were no stackers for sale anywhere in Australia at the time, that I could find. So I replaced it with a single DIN Sony unit which has Bluetooth and voice-recognition built-in. Amazing for 2014!

But if you have the fully integrated dash, you might need something quite different. I'm still exploring what I'm going to replace my later one with.

I just went to check the Sony unit I bought. MEX-N4050BTM
I don't usually like Sony equipment as I've had some terrible failures, but this has been outstanding.
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