Water in the footwell...

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Water in the footwell...

Post by hullcitytilidie »

I've seen loads of posts about water in the footwell causing loads of electrical faults for folks. I've just bought another car and noticed in the paperwork an old bill for similar electrical work and wondered how the water could possibly get in there?
Whilst doing jobs on the car during lockdown, I noticed what I first thought was a leak coming out near the drivers side jacking point. This was hours after the last rain but was still dripping out! I took a couple of fasteners off the back of the wheel arch liner to have a nosey and you would not believe the amount of soaking crud that came out. Years of rotting leaves and suchlike blocking the outlet - allowing the water to build up inside!
Might not be the answer to everyones problem but well worth a bit of your preventative maintenance time? Regards, Geoff.
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Re: Water in the footwell...

Post by PeterN »

The sill drains can get blocked, in fact one of mine rotted out for that reason so it needs attending to. The water under my floor was getting in from the inner door panel, someone had removed it presumably to repair something in the door but had damaged the plastic membrane. A good check is to shut a sheet of plastic in under the door, I used a coal bag, then examine it after it has been raining, if there is water laying on it or its wet, its coming in through the door. I repaired mine with sticky tape.

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