Indicators stay on constantly

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Indicators stay on constantly

Post by Karlsslot »

I have a problem with the right indicators they stay on as soon as I start the car. And nothing happens when I activate the right indicators they just stay constantly on (not blinking). And when I activate the right blinkers they just work normally but the right just stays on. I have tried to replace the whole indicators arm but nothing changes. Even with the whole assembly taken out it stays on.
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Re: Indicators stay on constantly

Post by PeterN »

I had a problem with them flashing to fast, as though a bulb had gone, I looked at the circuit and the bulbs are fed straight from the ECU, I drove it like that for a while and it suddenly healed up.

I suppose you don't have any water under the front drivers carpet? There are a host of connectors under there and if they get wet they can cause all manner of problems.

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