PP2000 or Diagbox 9.85, 9.91, etc

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PP2000 or Diagbox 9.85, 9.91, etc

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What would be the best software for a 2003 HDI, my missus has just got herself a new Mac and was going to junk her hp Pavilion Core i3 2.5GHz 8GB 1TB. Seeing as it was free I thought I could stand the cost of an A.1281 Z interface gizmo and use her old laptop as a diagnostic tool for my old HDI.

The Pavilion is running windows 10 and the interface came with access to Diagbox 9.129, 9.91, 9.68, 7.62, and 7.83 options. A guy on another forum suggested using Diagbox 9.85 but this would mean a separate purchase of this version if I could not find a clean/free download.

Would I be better off junking Windows 10 for an off ebay Windows 7 CD to load to my laptop and finding a PP2000 download, or would one of the supplied Diagbox versions be ok for my old 406 and current Windows 10 set-up?

I am a novice in this area but am determined to learn :lol:

Thanks, Paul
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Re: PP2000 or Diagbox 9.85, 9.91, etc

Post by frog »

I'm sorry, seem to have missed this post.

I can only say what my (working) setup is. Maybe you can use the same setup, maybe you need to set up something different.

My laptop is an HP running Windows 10 (22H2 to be more precise).

I am running PP2000, not DiagBox. I installed it from the "CD2.ZIP" file that came with the Chinese clone Lexia cable. From that "CD2.ZIP" file, I extracted only the "PP2000_09B (22.12)" directory. The file "PP2000_09B (22.12)\DCS\tools\ENDINST.EXE" was identified as a virus, so I removed that file from the unpacked directory. It did not seem necessary to have it anyway.

The PP2000 is installed on a Windows XP (32-bit) virtual machine.

The virtual machine runs under "Oracle Virtualbox" Version 7.0.12 r159484 (Qt5.15.2). The network adapter is configured as "Host-only Adapter", so it does not provide access to the Internet.

After starting the virtual machine and plugging in the USB port of the Lexia cable, the USB device "PSA [0100]" needs to be selected in the "Devices" --> "USB" menu of the Oracle Virtualbox Windows XP virtual machine.

PP2000 will only connect if the contact key is at either "ACC" or "ON" position.
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