Wipers interrupting

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Wipers interrupting

Post by krzysztof1594 »

My car is 2001 half mux Peugeot 406 Coupe 3.0 V6 207HP.

I found many wipers problems topics but they was ussualy about total holdup of wipers.
That's why i cannot find any solution, maybe you will have some ideas!

So ... pretty often my wipers stop working. When it's happen - I can hear relay switching on and that's it. When I'm trying to turn wipers off, when problem occures - relay is quiet (when wipers are working correctly i can hear relay sound 2 times - when he's turning wipers on, and off). The only one way to make them work is to set wipers switch for the fastest speed - then suddenly everythink works fine on all speeds - till next time. Even turning car off doesn't help.
This happends only when I use Auto mode or I switch wipers manualy. Sometimes they block after 1-2 switches, sometimes after 10. When I stay at one speed - everything goes fine.
So I guess - forcing relay to switch wipers, this causes a problem.

I couldn't find any wipers relay on electric schematic of 406.

Could you share your ideas?
Thank you! And classic part - sorry for my bad english;)
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Re: Wipers interrupting

Post by supamonkey4x »

Do you have the Haynes manual? On diagram 18 it looks like the relays are in the BSI.
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