headlamps not working

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headlamps not working

Post by metsonline »

hi all ,new here,so here we go
406 hdi estate 2001,headlamps were intermittent,very disconcerting driving at night in rural france with no street lamps,now they refuse to work at all
have side lights and fog lamps but no dip or main beam,checked all fuse ok,any ideas /
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Re: headlamps not working

Post by GingerMagic »

Hi, welcome to the forum :cheesy:

That sounds like your Comms unit playing up.

I had the same issue ( terrifying at night..! ) and initially I set the lights to DRL using the Peugeot diagnostic tool, but after a while I resorted to sending the Comms unit away to be repaired - cost £30 at the time...

Look on eBay for Comms unit repairs for an idea of price.

Basically the rotary contacts on the end of the stalk wear away over time so the connection is very hit and miss.
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