Hidden Connects2 bluetooth

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Hidden Connects2 bluetooth

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Hi. I want to add CTAPGBT010 bluetooth to my 406 car audio. The question is whether it can be hidden behind RD3 CD player? Somebody from other forum told me that there is empty space. Not sure whether his device was Connects2 or Yatour but I guess they have similar size.
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Re: Hidden Connects2 bluetooth

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There isn't a great deal of space, but there is a bit behind the console if you pull out the ashtray.
If you don't need access to it then it can sit in there, if you need to access it you can tuck it under the gearstick gaitor as there is also room there.
I fitted mine into my country holder in the console, as I needed to swap SD card etc from time to time.
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Re: Hidden Connects2 bluetooth

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Old thread but i see it thought it may aswell be completed.

Yes the connects 2 unit can be fitted in behind the standard head unit. I wrapped it with an old rag and insulating tape to prevent rattles all fitted in ok. At the time i also removed the centre console drilled holes in behind the ash tray to add a USB and 3.5mm port as the connects 2 box also supports those.

A good enough system, only gripes i have is that the microphone it comes with doesnt do any noise cancelling so calls are not the clearest and the phone doesnt always have the sense to route the phone call through bluetooth.
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Re: Hidden Connects2 bluetooth

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Hi please can you send a picture of it please
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