New member, new car. Peugeot 406 Executive, HDI 110, W Reg

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New member, new car. Peugeot 406 Executive, HDI 110, W Reg

Post by JoshCatter1999 »

Hi all, and thanks for letting me join. I’d like to share my pride and joy, my Peugeot 406 Executive HDI 110, from the year 2000. This is my first car, and I’ve loved every minute of owning it since I graduated from uni last year.

Once a common sight, the 406 is now quite rare, especially the Executive model, which was the highest trim level (apart from the V6 version) and would have been owned and used by business executives and higher end staff in companies at the turn of the century. This particular example left the Sochaux factory on the 24 February 2000 and was first registered here in the UK on the 24 March. It was then sold at the company car prep centre in Corby. It spent much of its life as a company car, but in 2012 was sold to a garage, had a towbar fitted and used as the garage’s towing vehicle and courtesy car for nearly a decade. I got it from the garage, which was run by a mate of my dad’s, and I’ve done what I can to bring it back to its former glory.

As a guy who loves keeping history alive, I’ve kitted out the car to make it into a businessman’s car from the Millennium. This includes an original 2000 tax disc, but also a hands-free car holder with an original 1998 Nokia (which still works and can make and take calls). An added bonus is the original laptop from 2000, with a car charger. This also works, though is a bit slow after 22 years of rapid technological advancement. For added authenticity I’ve got a few Oasis tapes which I play when out and about.

But back to the Executive aspect. This trim level featured luxurious leather (this example being in beige), cruise control, heated electric seats, windows and sunroof, fun ambient lighting, JBL surround sound speakers, 6-disc CD changer in the boot, hydraulic bonnet struts, automatic lights and wipers, and more. Everything a business executive could possibly desire going into the 21st century.

As for performance, the engine is the reputable HDI 110, which was incredibly hardy and gave good fuel economy (I’ve clocked 60mpg once, though the average is 52-55 for me). It drives like a dream and is extremely comfortable. My mates often take the mick out a young guy driving this ‘’grandad’’ car, but I don’t care. I love this car and want to do my bit to preserve a piece of automotive history as best I can, when many of its contemporaries are quickly vanishing from UK roads.

Thanks for bearing with me, and the many photographs. I hope you enjoy this post, and my car. :)
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Re: New member, new car. Peugeot 406 Executive, HDI 110, W Reg

Post by Doggy »

Hi Josh & welcome aboard 8)

That's a fine example you have there. :mrgreen:
(I really miss mine). :(
Great pictures, if you hadn't posted them everyone would be asking you too......

We'd call that a cream leather interior, (there is a darker 'tan' version as well as the more common black). Yours is in great condition, almost all have a tear in the fabric around the seat memory buttons.

I had two 2.2 HDi executive estates with the same colour interior, the first was in moonstone blue, the second in 'grandad green'. :oops:

Love the colour of your car, looks really nice.

Nokia's a nice period touch - my 1st one had a built in kit for a 3710 I think, (which worked much better than contemporary bluetooth kit, even muted the head unit and 'spoke' via the front tweeters).

What you need to go with the Win98 laptop is a copy of Peugeot Planet 2000 software and a Lexia 3 interface to do you own diagnostics. Almost certainly save you some money. :wink:

Hope you find the site useful, it has a wealth of hard-won know how but sadly not many actual owners these days. Have a root about and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Enjoy your 406, they're wonderful mile eaters, supremely comfortable and dirt cheap to run
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Re: New member, new car. Peugeot 406 Executive, HDI 110, W Reg

Post by JoshCatter1999 »

Thanks Doggy. Really appreciate the warm welcome and comments. I look forward to having a look and learning a thing or two :)
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Re: New member, new car. Peugeot 406 Executive, HDI 110, W Reg

Post by frog »

Welcome! That is a beauty! :D Very well equipped. HDI's are the best, and the HDI 110 is the best of the best :cheesy: With 100 k miles on the clock it can easily go four times that amount. And the manual gearbox will just keep up with it.

Really nice, keep it in this shape. And yes, so nice to keep the Nokia phone and the Windows 98 laptop with it, just for nostalgia.

If you have any questions about the HDI engine and the electronics around the engine or anything else, don't hesitate to call me in.
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Re: New member, new car. Peugeot 406 Executive, HDI 110, W Reg

Post by PeterN »

Welcome to the forum Josh.

I don't have a 406 now but I ran the Hdi estates for 10 years and reckon they are the best cars Peugeot ever made, they have the ride/handling balance just right and are very reliable and no to difficult to work on, they also have the best headlights of any car I have had and I've been driving since 1956.


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