Looking for a Good Home

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Looking for a Good Home

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I have a X Reg, light blue 3L 406 Coupe sitting in my drive. It's been SORNed and has sat there for the last 4 years. I put the car off the road as I had started a new job and needed a more economical commuter.
At the time it also needed the steering rack replaced.
I love this car, and I had the great notion that I would work on the car and get it back on the road, however due to many circumstances that has not happened yet.
Sadly I don't think it's ever going to happen, not by me anyway. So I now feel its time for it to go to pastures new, and to a new owner who could possibly get it back on the road.
Bodily the car is sound, a couple of scratches, but nothing too serious. Due to it sitting in my drive, for the last 4 years, i think most of the exposed underside items, (link arms, callipers, discs etc.) would have to be replaced. Also the back brakes have seized on :-( . The one other thing i have remembered is that the bonnet cable is broken. The good news is that I put jump leads onto it a couple of months back and it started second turn.

I'm looking to move the car on, and I'm open to any sensible offer for someone to take it off my hands.
The car would have to be picked up and put on a trailer.
I live in the Kinross area of Scotland 25 miles North of Edinburgh.
I have attached a picture of the car, and would be happy to post more if required.

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