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Post by yoshka123 »

Hello everyone!

I've wanted a 406 for 20 years and now I finally own this beauty.


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Re: Newbie!

Post by Doggy »

Hi Ian and welcome aboard. 8)

Hope you enjoy your 406, I sure miss mine. :mrgreen:
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Re: Newbie!

Post by PeterN »

Welcome to the forum.

I ran 406 Hdi estates for about 10 years and very many miles, I think they are the best cars Peugeot ever made for driving and reliability, they do everything nicely and have a good comfort/road holding compromise. Enjoy yours.

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Re: Newbie!

Post by yoshka123 »

Thanks you guys!
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Re: Newbie!

Post by GingerMagic »

Hi, welcome.

Yours looks like a nice clean example - worth the wait?

Like most members here, I've owned numerous 406s and while they were mostly cheap and cheerful means of motoring, they do have a habit of getting under your skin :cheesy:

Have a look at the Knowledge Base here, it's on the home screen ( I think... ) and get yourself familiar with the 406 'quirks'.... :wink:

Enjoy your new car.
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Re: Newbie!

Post by dirtydirtydiesel »

Welcome to the mad house Ian :cheesy:

Wow you leave it twenty years & then buy a 97/98 D8 phase one :shock:

You've got a good six years of newer 406's to wade through yet :wink:

Great car's, I've personally had four & still own one after eight year's, It's just the wrong one I kept :(
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