Newbie saying Hello!

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Newbie saying Hello!

Post by 406Rat »

Hello Chaps

Yesterday I purchased a 95000 mile, 2003 Peugeot 406 2.0 HDi 90 Rapier 4dr [AC] SALOON Diesel Manual
And like any respecting car nerd my first thought was to join the forum.
The car although it has a low mileage it has its issues.
It has a damaged paint spot on the bonnet, as well as various bits of faded paint on the body work. Also it has a dodgy front wing where the light does not fit flush with the panel. But the worst thing is that the rubber seal that goes around the driver’s door, the previous owner, rather than replace the frayed rubber decided to rivet it through the bodywork to stop it moving!! Madness!!
So this will be my first job, repair the holes and add a new door rubber before the rivets rust the whole door sill out. And then that would be a major job.
I have decided because the car is mechanically sound, I am going to give it the 'rat look' (If you don't know what this is Google it)
I know it’s not to everyone’s taste, but it is to mine. I'd be interested to see anyone else’s Rat Look 406s for inspiration...
So in a nutshell that’s why I'm here... So, Hello! :cheesy:
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Re: Newbie saying Hello!

Post by Doggy »

Hi & welcome aboard. 8)

I suspect you're the first owner of a deliberate rat look 406....
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Re: Newbie saying Hello!

Post by PeterN »

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I ran 406 Hdi estates for about 10 years and they really are a brilliant car, possibly the best Peugeot ever made and certainly the most reliable - in my experience anyway. I now have C5 X7 estates, very comfortable and quiet but certainly not as reliable.

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Re: Newbie saying Hello!

Post by GingerMagic »

Hi, welcome from me too.

There have been a few examples of Rat look 406s, when I was at a French car show many moons ago, Martin's rat look car got way more attention than some of the mint examples.

It's not my thing, by I understand the time and effort that goes into the car to make it your own.

When you say door seal, do you mean the one that goes around the inside of the door frame, or the one that runs along the bottom by the sill...?
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