Hi Newbie Here

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Hi Newbie Here

Post by Phill406 »

Hi guys im new here, just bought my 3rd 406 turbo and 4th pug overall as i previously a 406 Coupe also. Anyway here are a few of the old girl, she needs a bit of work but overall not in bad condition

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Re: Hi Newbie Here

Post by GingerMagic »

Hi Phil, welcome :cheesy:

Sadly I can't see your pictures as I'm not on Farcebook - too many keyboard warriors, attention seekers and snowflakes... :wink:
The 406 is a great all rounder, although I haven't owned the turbo version before but I bet it's a laugh...!
I'm sure you are well aquatinted with the 406, but if you have any questions then ask away - or check out the Knowledge Base on the home screen.

I've had 3 diesel estates ( the last 2 were the 2.2HDi that were tinkered with and were great fun ) but now I have an early V6 coupe 8)

Best of luck with it anyway.
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Re: Hi Newbie Here

Post by Doggy »

Hi Phil & welcome aboard. 8)

Fraid I don't do social media either, feel free to post some pics for us dinosaurs.
Hope you enjoy the site and find some useful info. We still have the odd ex-tubby owner drop by from time to time.
GingerMagic wrote: ..I've had 3 diesel estates ( the last 2 were the 2.2HDi that were tinkered with and were great fun )
Does that make me a tinker?
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Re: Hi Newbie Here

Post by dirtydirtydiesel »

:arrowu: :lol: :arrowu:
Welcome on in Phil :)
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