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Re: New member long term owner

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I ran diesel estates for about 10 years, brilliant car, possibly the best Peugeot ever made. Welcome to the forum.

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Re: New member long term owner

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dirtydirtydiesel wrote: Thu Mar 11, 2021 9:39 pm A belated welcome :wink:

Ginger & Doggy are the resident 2.2hdi guru's

Blocked cat / dpf, sludged up or stuck egr , failing maf or map sensor, vacuum lines, swirl flap actuator,
Sticking variable vanes on the turbo, blocked fuel filter, low fuel pressure.

Really need diagnostics on it (pp2k) & someone who knows how to interpret the findings :wink:

Interesting reading thank you. I'm hoping to get some time on it tomorrow. I've got a new MAF as it happens but want to do a more thorough diagnosis rather than blindly changing components. I have got access to a snap on reader (large nearly new car dealer type expensive one) and it gave a "flow sensor signal" fault code.
I'm still dead set on getting the car up to scratch so your advice is gratefully received. PP2k is obviously a logical step to take. Is this something readily available through the members on here? What are the options?
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Re: New member long term owner

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Only use a genuine MAF don't waste your money on a pattern / none oe one
& the Chinese one's are shocking.

I wasn't advocating throwing part's at it.
I was just giving you a list of possibilities for power issue's,
All have been common on the 2.2 HDi over the years.
I did say run diagnostics on it :wink:
Ideally pp2k which is slang for Peugeot planet 2000 , the only diagnostic kit to run on these.

I have it, Doggy has it, Ginger has it, loads of members have it.

It's a clone of the genuine Peugeot kit, all over eBay ect.
But it can be difficult to load / operate.
Also you need someone familiar with the fault codes & what they mean in reality.

Doggy has had two 2.2 Hdi's & a wealth of experience, as does Ginger
But Doggy has already offered & he's much closer to you.

Lot's of info on here with regards to my list,
But your guessing without the right Diagnostics, people have been on here before with flash Snap-on
Diagnostic kit only to find it's not as in-depth as pp2k.

Loads of these have been sold over the years because the owner's trusted garage couldn't solve the
D.P.F, low boost, high boost, lack of power issue's

Just trying to help, hope you get to the bottom of it.
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