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Wolfrace Discount

Post by nick » Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:50 am

Guys and gals,

Just thought I'd CC you in on a PM I just received.

As usual, any feedback is welcome!
wolfuk wrote:Good afternoon, I’m emailing from Wolfrace Wheels (UK) Limited – hopefully you have heard of us.

We have recently launched a direct sales website http://alloywheelsdirect.wolfrace.com and for the first time in our companies 38 year history, we’re selling direct.

We’d like to be able to offer large clubs and websites such as yourselves a discount code to be used on all Wolfrace products, on the site a good example of some of our high quality products is the new Wolfrace GB Bari http://alloywheelsdirect.wolfrace.com/p ... 17%22.html – this wheel is covered by a comprehensive 3 year warranty, is made in Germany and has TUV certification.

If your users would rather have a 15” wheels, a good product could be the new Milano, this is also made in Germany to TUV specification and has a five year warranty on the Titanium finish http://alloywheelsdirect.wolfrace.com/p ... 5%22-.html

I assume you have other discount schemes in place for your members, would you be interested in promoting ours? Do you have a set method of how the discounts are promoted within your site?

We have taken the trouble to set you up with a simple and easy to use discount code, yours is: WOLFRACE406OC
The code can be used when you reach the check-out screen during the payment process.

If you’d like take advantage of this offer, all we’d like you to do is tell your members via your website, and then let us know!

As mentioned above, this code would give you 25% off the order total, and will also work on our accessories website http://shop.wolfraceaccessories.co.uk

For further proof of the quality of our alloy wheels, please also note that the Wolfrace GB range is approved by Renault UK.

Best regards

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Re: Wolfrace Discount

Post by steve_earwig » Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:10 pm

Looks like the links are kosher, even if the grammar isn't...
wolfuk wrote:hopefully you have heard of us.
Naah, I spent the last 30 years in a box.
For further proof of the quality of our alloy wheels, please also note that the Wolfrace GB range is approved by Renault UK.
They must be good then :cheesy:
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Re: Wolfrace Discount

Post by swiss » Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:49 am

Are those prices given for a set of four?
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Re: Wolfrace Discount

Post by Cragus22 » Sun Nov 29, 2009 5:42 pm

i had a set of shadow chrome 17" on my old 306 and they were amazing rims!

so maybe the 406 will get some too :)
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