Server Migration and Clean up

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Server Migration and Clean up

Post by nick »

Hi folks!

Long time no speak! As usual, I've been hiding away in the background because I don’t own my 406 anymore. I know how popular and well used this place is however so I’m not one to let something just languish.

I normally pop on and make sure everything’s running smoothly and upgrading all relevant software so there’s no security issues etc. The admin and mod team here do a phenomenal job of keeping the place running, and it wouldn’t be what it is without them.

This post is just a quick heads up that as part of my maintenance I’m going to be moving the forum from its current host in the USA to a UK host. The server specs are still the same, there shouldn’t be any other noticeable differences except that it will be cheaper for me to run. I’ve tried various tests over the last few months and performance is the same, if not marginally better with the new host.

I’m currently paying on average of around £9 a month and I don’t have any form of income from the site to pay for it so it’s all out of pocket. These costs should reduce by around 75% when the moves done.

Part of the move however is a large clean up. There’s been literally thousands of images that have been uploaded over the years, and for whatever reason, these images have become “orphaned”. Posts or modifications to the board have been deleted and these images have been left. I’m going to put them all in a separate area and if anyone notices any posts with missing images please give me a shout. I’ll try and marry them up. If there are no issues I’ll delete these orphaned images and attachments after a year.

I’m also going to stop the use of hotlinking - that’s where people upload images to this site but use them elsewhere on the internet. There’s plenty of sites that allow you to do it now free of charge, including imgur. It’s not a big problem for here, but it’s something I want to get under control.

Apart from that, there won’t be any other changes. I’ll see if I can find the logo and at least fix that on the new board (an easy hint to see if you’re on the new server).

At some point over the next week this board will be marked as offline to allow the move to take place. If you’re one of the lucky ones to see this it should take less than 24 Hours to change everything over. There will be a suitable message on the site keeping people up to date.

Any questions, ping them below.


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Re: Server Migration and Clean up

Post by GingerMagic »

Thank you Nick for the advanced warning - and also for everything you do 'behind the scenes' as it were..
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Re: Server Migration and Clean up

Post by Doggy »

Couldn't agree more - Thanks Nick.
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Re: Server Migration and Clean up

Post by frog »

Thanks Nick, for all your work and care. Your contributions are indispensable.
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Re: Server Migration and Clean up

Post by Welly »

Great work Nick and thank you!
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