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Re: New car suggestions

Post by stevewalsh » Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:46 am

It was a FAI timing chain kit, I bought it through Lymm Engine Components, Full kit with guides, tensioners Chain and Oil pump drive chain.
The only way to check wear is with software that measures difference between crank and cam position and gives a degree reading, My new chain started off at 7.9 degrees which is correct and quickly increased to 11.5 which is way too much, You could also hear it, I stripped it and took photo's of the tensioner at full stretch and of the new and old chains stretched next to each other. I had to buy the replacement kit and send the old one back along with a oil sample and within 2 weeks I received a refund, but no explanation.
I have now done around 20000 miles on current one and at moment it seems ok,
My current problem is oil level rising due to diesel getting in, It has been a prob with these engines, Either injector seals leak, or blocked DPF causing constant regens, I have changed both and still got the problem.
I was fancying a 407 estate but herd quite a few horror stories


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