Wanted ECU/BSI/gauges/key set

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Wanted ECU/BSI/gauges/key set

Post by WillNZ » Mon May 13, 2019 3:29 am

As above but for an early HDi where the ECU is a single plug. My DAM is 8695 so built Aug 2000. Car is manual.

My existing part numbers are as follows:
ECU - 0281010248
BSI - 9640091380/00 B4
Gauge cluster - 9639940380 This is a km cluster, I think the UK one in miles ends with 370? I dont care if the one I get is in miles, not kms.
I want everything to come from the same car, that way it should work according to a very knowledgeable bloke over here.

Would like an ECU that has been upgraded if possible, dont care if the security code has been deleted. Or if someone has an upgrade file I can flash over.

Obviously I would also need it shipped to New Zealand so bear this in mind.

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