Pugfest 2019

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Pugfest 2019

Post by trem1 » Sat May 04, 2019 11:47 am

Posted this here as i know some dont use facebook
Pugfest is the annual gathering of Peugeot 407 UK/Peugeot 406owners. We have a stand there called " The Taxi Rank" and all 407/6's are welcome. while its called a stand it basically means we all park together and have a chat while looking at cars etc so dont think your cars not good enough to be there IT IS. Our aim is to make this the biggest gathering of 407/6's in the UK.

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Re: Pugfest 2019

Post by rwb » Sat May 04, 2019 12:26 pm

Link: https://www.pugfest.co.uk/

We first went in 2011; there were 4 of us and none of us had been before, although we had met for the first time earlier that year at French Car Show.

After watching cars go up the hill climb track in the morning we got round to thinking "shall we have a go?". Inevitably "I will if you will"... so we did.

As we were queuing for the track -- four 406s in a row -- someone shouted "taxi!". Hence the taxi rank (for those of us for whom it's a marathon not a sprint -- and get more pleasure out of using our cars than polishing them).

Usual format:
* For those there from the start: meet a Morissons in Tewkesbury at about 8:30am.
* Convuoy to the site.
* Park up on our stand, which is usually at the top of the car park field (literally on the wrong side of the track; we are the lunatics taking over the assylum). People arriving later can come straight to the stand.
* Some people bring garden furniture, we even had a gazebo last year. For the last few years Doggy has brought his barbecue.
* Compare faults ;) PP2K/Diagbox available. Swap parts,...
* Have a walk round: watch some cars go up the hill climb track, there are some traders. Last year Peugeot brought a new 508 and we were actually allowed to sit in it. Lots of 205s.
* Maybe have a go on the track

Useful to bring:
* garden/deck chair
* sunglasses
* sun cream
* saussage

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