PP2000 help

Talk about the 406's electrical system, what wires do what, how to add extra functionality, etc.

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Re: PP2000 help

Post by PeterN » Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:23 pm

I have two Lexia/PP2000 neither of which I can get to work although they did when I first installed the software, I am running XP on a laptop, it lets me get as far as entering the model but wont connect so I've given up on it now.

I've been running 406's for about 10 years now and so far have been able to keep them going without the help of the PP2000.


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Re: PP2000 help

Post by cliffk » Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:09 pm

Hi Peter

I now have 2 406's one of which I have had for 8 years the engine management light is on so I thought getting the PP2000 would be helpful on both cars eventually.
hopefully I will get the software running and be able to use it.

I have no idea why the engine management light is on there is no lack of performance its just very annoying, it was on at MOT time and my tester checked the OBD and it flagged low fuel (it wasn't and had not been) he cleared the fault and the light went out only to reappear the next day.


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Re: PP2000 help

Post by dirtydirtydiesel » Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:40 pm

I've been running Peugeots & Citroens for over 15 years had pp2000 for the last 6 it's saved me hundreds :)
2002 110 HDi estate, Rapier in monaco blue! ( found quite a bit more power :cheesy: )
1999 3.0 V6 SE coupe in Diablo Red ( my baby )
2006 206 1.4 16v sport in Aegean blue ( wife's shopping trolley :roll: )

pp2000 owner / user, can offer Diagnostic's / fault code, reading / clearing for beer tokens in Leicestershire.

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Re: PP2000 help

Post by cliffk » Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:08 pm

Not having much luck with the downloads from MrV6 software site.
Lexia- I have got as far as getting the Citroen shortcut icon on my desktop but clicking on that and following the included installation instructions I get to a screen that says validation required I cannot install it further, installation fails every time.
PP2000 I cannot get to the point where I see the Peugeot icon on my desktop, following the instructions I click the InstPC on the list it tries to install then just stalls and freezes.

Gave up on Friday night I am trying to install on a windows XP machine going to give it a rest and then uninstall everything and try again later in the week. :( :(

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