Folding door mirrors folded and refusing to budge

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Folding door mirrors folded and refusing to budge

Post by BikerDon » Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:55 pm

1999 Peugeot 406 Executive 2.0 HDI Estate Manual

Recently (several weeks) found an Executive door mirror in a local breaker after searching for many months, huzzah!
Was so chuffed to have the ext. thermometer back and a working passenger-side door mirror.

All was working fine until I changed the battery yesterday :cry:
On the way home the drivers window went haywire, must have lost the end points for the one-touch up and down.
Several attempts at lowering and raising the window seemed to have fixed that.

Then later in the day I parked up and folded the mirrors, because I could :cheesy: , then on return to the car they refused to budge and have done so ever since.
The adjusting joystick still moves both mirror glasses but not much use as I can only see me in the mirrors :lol:

I disconnected the battery cables and held them together for thirty seconds to reset and discharge all capacitors as recommended by a mechanic friend of mine - no change unfortunately :cry:

Any ideas on diagnosing or even a fix please?

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