Breakdown Cover from another perspective

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Breakdown Cover from another perspective

Post by Welly » Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:26 am

After being royally shafted for being a faithful member of a well-known breakdown service (won't be doing that again) and then trying Green Flag for a year (never needed to use them though) this year I've gone with GEM Motoring Assist who have a fresh approach to breakdowns.

I've covered 3 x cars with Home Start, UK recovery/assistance etc for £119.00 (39.00 each). I opted for their 'reclaim' cover whereby if you breakdown they call out whoever's nearest (a contractor) and they will help or recover you. When they've completed it you pay them yourself directly and reclaim the money from GEM (within 24hrs) they say this reduces their admin/operating costs. Or if you want you can call out your friendly local garage to recover you and send the bill to GEM, all a bit weird to get your head around but hey.

Anyone else used them?
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Re: Breakdown Cover from another perspective

Post by trufflehunt » Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:10 pm

Couple of years back, my 406 was insured with Saga. After the first year, the renewal quote was OK,
so I renewed. A couple of months after that, they offered me one year's basic Roadside Assistance for free.
So I accepted that.

A year down the way, the renewal for the breakdown assistance was just under £20. So I did that too.

Fate intervened later, and I retired the 406.

Some weeks ago, I took out breakdown insurance with Autoaid. It cost £43.31 for a year.
It insures me for breakdown, rather than a specific car.
I used the link at MoneySavingExpert, which gave me 15 months cover for the price of 12. ... over#BBtwo
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Re: Breakdown Cover from another perspective

Post by PeterN » Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:27 am

I've been with the AA since 1958 and they have always served me very well, they recovered my CX from North Wales once but over the years I have called on them a number of times. The year before last the premiums had risen to a ridiculous level so I had a little tussle with them and got a very good reduction, last year it had gone up a bit but was still much more reasonable - we will see what this year brings.


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