type d8 or d9

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Re: type d8 or d9

Post by Sonia406 »

Mrs406 wrote:
highlander wrote:Hi Wilko,

No, you're not thick - this is all confusing to those who have only recently got a 406 (like myself).

Yours is a D8, which is another way of saying it's a Mk.1 model. Yours will have a slatted grill on the front, on either side of the heraldic lion badge. These were produced up until 1999.

The D9, like mine, is the Mk.2 model. It has a meshed grill on the front, on either side of the heraldic lion badge. These were produced from late 1999 to 2005, when 406 production was ceased in favour of the new 407.

There are other differences, but that's the big one that you'll notice first.

Hope this helps!


Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to the original poster for asking this as I have been wondering myself what the difference is too!
Secondly - thanks for that simple explanation Graeme!

I **THINK** I have a D9? It's a 2001 LX Family estate .. Pics (Hope they are good enough!)


I knew I'd joined this site before............. :oops:

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Re: type d8 or d9

Post by V6Exec »

Sonia406 wrote:Are these 8.5's classed as the 'break' :?:
What is a ''break'' anyway? :?:
I've seen a lot referring to a 406 break, some one please explain just WTF this is? :?: :!:

P.s -- I have googled it, and all I find is 406's that are being broken :arrowu: :cry: :cry: very distressed reading...... :oops: :oops:
Not quite, I have always known station waggons as breaks, looked up Wiki to find out more -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Station_wagon
Wikipedia wrote:Having shared antecedents with the British shooting-brake (originally a wooden-bodied vehicle used to carry shooting parties with their equipment and game), station wagons have been marketed as breaks, using the French term (which is sometimes given fully as break de chasse, literally "hunting break." Early U.S. models often had exposed wooden bodies and were thus called woodies).
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Re: type d8 or d9

Post by guywales »

so what would my v reg 18 petrol be? would like to know cos it does affect things or is it just a cosmetic differance? does it mean the fusebox in the cars are differant layouts for instance?

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Re: type d8 or d9

Post by steve_earwig »

You profile says 2000 so the car is almost certainly a D9. Unless it sat around on a lot for a year...

Best way to tell is look at the big number your vin - apparently anything below 80800000 is a D8, anything above is a D9.

Yes, there are lots of differences in the wiring, a D8 doesn't have a BSI (body control system) for a start, neither is it multiplexed.
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Re: type d8 or d9

Post by Rolebama »

Station wagons and estate cars were known as shooting brakes years ago in England. I don't know if the term was used anywhere else.
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