For Sale '98 Saloon 2.1TD Executive manual 1 year MOT

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For Sale '98 Saloon 2.1TD Executive manual 1 year MOT

Post by Steveo » Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:29 pm

Hi All

I'm going over to the dark Volvo side - I laughed when I just saw that section and the 'resistance is futile' comment! I need a smarter car for my work, and something a bit more powerful for longer 5 hour journeys to my parents off the radar in north Norfolk.

I'm selling my beloved '98 2.1TD manual saloon. 187k miles. Silver. Black leather interior. Owned by me for approx. 2.5 years. 1 year MOT (no advisories).

Bad things first
-Some unsightly but not tragic dents & scratches to offside rear and front wings - see photos. See also photos before dents. Otherwise bodywork very good, with bonnet and sides have been resprayed
-Driver's heated seat doesn't work
-Intermittent air bag warning light if someone sits down heavily in passenger seat. A fiddle with the orange plastic connector under the passenger seat soon sorts it out

Good things and things done (by a garage)
-Very good condition interior and original Phillips 6 CD player and tape player which is the best car sound system I've owned, possibly even heard. All works perfectly
-New cam belt fitted a couple of weeks ago at same time as new second hand fuel pump
-New clutch approx. 15 months ago
-New engine mounting rubbers
-Couple of months ago all new brake pads and shoes
-New twin rear handbrake cables
-New battery approx. a year ago
-New water pump (came with the cam belt kit)
-All good tyres
-New indicator stalk
-New radiator - twice! Second one a couple of weeks ago
-New main fuel injector (the control one with the electrical feed to it)
-New windscreen when I first got it
-Rear section of exhaust approx. 2-2.5 years ago
-Previous owner put on new front suspension springs I'm told (he bought it presumably cheaply because one had snapped and he rescued it), and as he's my regular mechanic that's done most of the above work, I have no reason to disbelieve him.

It drives beautifully and I really love this car's whole design and aesthetic.

OK, that's it. I want £650 for it. In Bristol.

If interested you can PM me ( or call on 07766 392153, although I'm going to be camping in Wales this weekend, so signal may be intermittent or non existent.


after dents
After dents
After dents
Before dents
Before dents

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