New 'stricter' MOTs...

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Re: New 'stricter' MOTs...

Post by caprixpack »

My dad has to deal with this crap all the time, it amazes me how people can expect their car to pass an mot with bulbs out and balding tyres. 9 out of ten car that come in have almost no oil on the dip stick. I guess these are the same people you see sat at the side of the motor way every summer, their car does 30 miles a week and then is expected to do a 600 mile trip to France and back with no build up checks or maintenance.
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Re: New 'stricter' MOTs...

Post by Welly »

This is exactly what frightens me about buying a modern second hand car, younger folk these days have no idea about cars and don't want to know either, as long as they can Bluetooth stuff in it that's all that matters :roll:

Garage next door to me at work have had a few Mini's in with low oil, low enough to disable the VVT system and flag an engine light, by this time though the wear has started, one got away with new oil but wasn't 'happy', was advised to trade it in asap (great for next owner eh?).

Another guy noticed his car modern SAAB diesel was "making a funny noise"......turned out the water pump had siezed and the noise was the drivebelt polishing the pulley.....drove 20 miles like this and the engine got rather warmer than usual.
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Re: New 'stricter' MOTs...

Post by Captain Jack »

My FAP-less 407 has once again passed MOT with no advisories (OK, they did have to replace the number plate bulbs...). Emissions limit applied is 3.0 with a note saying they couldn't find the sticker (don't think they looked).

Curiously the MOT advisory from last year has been withdrawn on the gov site. Anyone know the current state of play?
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