Volvo T5 in 'returns massive mpg' shocker

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Volvo T5 in 'returns massive mpg' shocker

Post by Welly » Sat May 28, 2016 9:20 pm

Who need dizzles when a 2.5 pez turbo 5-cylinder can do this:


This was over 70 miles and took a lot of care to maintain but it did steady out at 44 for ages with the occasional drop to 43.8.

This car has got more economical over the years, I reckon it's loosened up a tad and the very expensive oil it uses must help I think.

I was following the C4 on this journey but forgot to check what that achieved; I have checked it before though on the same run and it did 51mpg - not that far away from the Volvo eh?

The return journey on my own tonight was a different story though :supafrisk: showing 38 mpg now.
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