211000 miles and still going

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211000 miles and still going

Post by hammerman » Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:43 pm

Well,just fixxed my a/c at last.Rear passenger door still deadlocked,although i can fix it for the mot.Still pulls like a train with 211000 miles.3rd gear,40mph all the way up Telegraph Hill in Devon with the caravan on last week lol.Ok,the temp went upto 110,and i put max heat on in the cabin,but at the top of every hill,theres a downhill bit which soon cools it :lol:
Getting a little bit of clutch judder,and a tiny bit of slip in 5th gear with the `van on the back,say pulling out to overtake a lorry at 55mph,floor it and a touch of slip,then all is good.It was re mapped at 57k mile to 140bhp/230 lbft,so the clutch/dmf has lasted very very well!!!! :lol:
Bonnet still rusty.1 oringinal abs sensor left on it,1 original wheel bearing left on it.I`ve rebuilt the rear calipers 2 time now in the last year as they were sticking.All original fuel pumps and injectors!!!All the suspension,bushes,drop links replaced.Not blown a headlight bulb for 5 months,the longest i`ve known it go for lol.
I`m bored of the car now.It the longest i`ve ever had a car,but cant afford something newer yet.Thinking of a 407 sw2.2 hdi,or the newer current C5 estate,2.2hdi excusive,and go back to the self leveling suspension.We shall see. :cheesy:
2003 Hdi Est SE

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