Elderly Pioneer AVIC system

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Elderly Pioneer AVIC system

Post by Doggy »

Apologies for a blatantly non-406 question.
My motorhome came with pretty much all the latest tech, frozen in time from the early naughties
It has a Poineer AVIC-X1, (or X1R not sure), head unit with flip out 6" screen, built in satnav, internal cd + remote multichanger etc.
Also has a Parrot 3200 bluetooth adaptor and a discrete reversing camera monitor.
Strikes me that all this lot would be better combined into a single device that supports motorhome/truck navigation
I could shell out about £1200 for the latest equivalent Pioneer equivalent with camper navigation, (meant for a Fiat Ducato), (AVIC-EVO1-DT2-C-GR), but I'm thinking a better (cheaper) solution would be to use a GPS equipped android tablet and use it for navigation / audio / camera monitor / bluetooth phone connection and maybe a whole lot more. (I fancy tinkering with this).
Any clues on where to start finding out about this in detail?
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Re: Elderly Pioneer AVIC system

Post by Captain Jack »

Yes, burn the motorhome. :supafrisk:
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Re: Elderly Pioneer AVIC system

Post by Ural4320 »

I think that you'd be far better off with the tablet, since it will save you a lot of work in the guts of the motorhome's driving panel.
The thing I'd be wary of is the legal status of doing that: would it be alright? Because if I were to do that in France, I think it'd be considered as using a mobile phone while driving, which is bad news for your driver's license and wallet.

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Re: Elderly Pioneer AVIC system

Post by steve_earwig »

I'd have said tablet too, but my (admittedly small) experience of them is they refuse to do anything you'd actually expect them to do. Verdict: paperweight.
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