Grime and debris 'inside' the headlamp...

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Grime and debris 'inside' the headlamp...

Post by ShadowStripes » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:18 pm

So, long story short, I've had my HDI estate for a whole year, and it's 'STILL' all Effed up...

Winter here in the Portuguese roads has come and gone, and I kept noticing the ilumination from both my headlamps was less than ideal.
Being hazed to the point of looking 'yellow', I figured I could have them polished at a local shop. At around 20 bucks for both headlamps, and with very good reviews, I figure it won't break the bank.

However, not only the reflector looks dull and grimed up inside, it would seem that a cheeky litle arachnid had the gall to use the assembly as food storage...

Is there an easy way to clean all the grime and webbing and dead bugs out?

Not feeling too keen on opening the assembly, though I doubt I can just flush it out with detergent...

...or could I...? :lol:
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Re: Grime and debris 'inside' the headlamp...

Post by PeterN » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:18 am

The problem with cleaning the insides is that with very little pressure the silver comes off. If the lens will detach from the reflector you can try swabbing the reflector very gently with a soft tissue soaked with methelated spirit then drying it very gently with some more soft tissue, if its only the glass that's dirty no problem.


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