Blower (same power on each gear) and aircon problem

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Blower (same power on each gear) and aircon problem

Post by FlyingNinja » Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:16 pm


I have an issue with my coupe.
My blower was damaged so I replaced it.
I also noticed that blower 4-pin plug was also damaged.
2 pins were constant 12V
2 pins were 0-12V, depends on wich gear wwas set on panel
I fixed the plug, tried to test and it was good.

After montage, something happened (sorry for the music):

- from first to one before last setting it's blowing with the same power
- last gear it's blowing with a half power
What could have gone wrong? Maybe something during assembly?
- I tried to switch climatronic panel with 2 others. Same problem.
- the air conditioning does not turn on
- when I'm testing aircon in PP2000, it's turning on for couple of secodns and cold air is blowing

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