Anyone had to replace key plip circuit board.

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Anyone had to replace key plip circuit board.

Post by pugnut » Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:17 pm

This is a follow up to getting a key recognised by the BSI for a 206 which is all sorted now... BUT... it's a manual key. I perhaps unwisely bought a used remote keyfob for a few quid and transferred the blade and transponder chip into it then tried the re syncing procedure for the central locking circuit board without success. If, as I suspect, this is because a circuit board from another 206 cannot be reprogrammed to another car, can anyone confirm or deny whether my next best option is a genuine blank board from a main stealer? Plenty of used ones on ebay and some are far from cheap, so hoping someone can save me some time pursuing a pointless exercise and wasting more money.

Thanks in advance

406 Exec 2.0 HDi 110

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