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Inner CV boot failed - advise sought

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:45 am
by Welly
My inner CV boot has failed, I know this has happened within the last 7 days maximum and accelerated by a lot of recent fast motorway runs (visiting FIL in Hospital every two days).


Repair-wise as it's fairly well sheltered on the inner end I'm leaning towards a clean up, repack with grease, and a new boot. Should I be thinking about replacing the drive shaft though? in case dirt has got in?

Also what to do about the other three boots? just inspect the rubber for cracks and replace if necessary?

Re: Inner CV boot failed - advise sought

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:38 am
by steve_earwig
I think you have it, clean out as much as possible, repack with grease, new boot. If there is grit in there you'll know about it eventually but there's a good chance you'll get away with it. Check the outer boot while it's off in case that's perished (may as well change it if it is) and check the others but sort them out when you've got time (i.e. when your FiL isn't in hostable - hope he's ok)

That's pretty much what I did when the inners on my first BX 16 Valve went, driveshaft off, cleaned out with white spirit, new boot. It did leak a bit of oil from the gearbox so you may have to top that up after.

Hopefully it's not a nightmare to get the driveshaft off, no massive amounts of torque or the need to stretch the boot over the joint to get it on because the driveshaft is all one bit (a la Renault 16). Not sure if you're planning to DIY it or bung it at the garage but if you mark where the driveshaft nut is against the hub and then count the number of turns and put it back the same the torque should be near enough.

Re: Inner CV boot failed - advise sought

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:08 am
by Welly
I've got to get the Garage next door at work to do it, I don't have the tools/skills/time. It's weird this boot failing as I've not seen CV boot problems for years, I wonder if it got damaged somehow.

FIL has had brain surgery, they've taken a piece of a tumour away to test for Cancer and we'll know today. We're visiting every two days after work, it's an 80 mile round trip at 70*mph; this has probably accelerated the CV boot problem.

Tonight's run will have to be in the Astra, not the end of the world though in the scheme of things.

Re: Inner CV boot failed - advise sought

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:01 am
by Welly
I love working next door to a Garage (and being friends with them) we* just got the car up on the ramps and strangled a tie-wrap around the last good bit of the boot to stop anymore shiz happening for now. Mechanic said the 'spillage' looks worse than it is and I haven't lost too much grease, and only from the smaller end really.

It's due for discs/pads end of June so that's half way to removing the driveshaft anyway so I'll hang on until then. That's not bad though eh, saw the problem last night and it's up on a ramp being fixed* at 09:30 next day :)

Re: Inner CV boot failed - advise sought

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:13 am
by steve_earwig
"Yes mate, we inspected all your cv boots as per your instructions and they were all perished so we changed the lot. That will be your first born child and your left kidney."

I'm sure my dad would just clean it up with white spirit/cellulose thinners, fit a patch over the hole made out of an old innertube and ignore it for 10 years. And it would be fine.

That must be very worrying about your father-in-law, I really hope everything will be ok.