New 406 owner, need some help with rattling.

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New 406 owner, need some help with rattling.

Post by Ivan495 »

Hello everyone!

I bought Peugeot 406 2.0 HDi 80kW 2002. Few months ago and I love it.
But there are few things that bother me.

1. Maybe a stupid question, but how can I adjust arm rest on passanger side? It's a little too high and I want to make it lower.

2. Rattling noise arghhh.
At about 1800-2200, strange, like plastic rattling noise starts. And if I can hear it right, it's in area of interior lights. When I'm driving and press the plastic, I don't hear it.
It really makes me crazy. What to do?

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Re: New 406 owner, need some help with rattling.

Post by Doggy »

Hello Ivan and welcome aboard. 8)

The armrests are not adjustable on the 406, (except by tilt the seat backrest). You may have a faulty one.

Rattles are difficult to isolate - have you tried removing the cover around the interior light to see if it makes a difference?
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