Rear Anti-Roll Bar Clamps Parts Availability

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Rear Anti-Roll Bar Clamps Parts Availability

Post by PeggyThePug406 »

Hi. I'm a bit new to this and as anyone with any car knowledge whatsoever will notice, a tad thick, but I'll try my best.

The rear Anti Roll Bar clamp on the passenger side of my car (1998 406 GLX DT, pre-facelift) broke and has left my car undriveable. I'm having quite a nightmare finding a new one. Anyone got any ideas where the best places are to find them? I have zero metalwork skills so can't really make my own. Any suggestions would help. Cheers in advance!

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Re: Rear Anti-Roll Bar Clamps Parts Availability

Post by dirtydirtydiesel »

Front ones are available on EBay with tne bushes of course :cheesy:

But I've yet to find rear ones :(

I machined my own out of 6082 Alloy but that doesn't help you, sorry :?

Your best bet is to find someone breaking one with good ones :)
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Re: Rear Anti-Roll Bar Clamps Parts Availability

Post by PeterN »

I have just let a friend have the two from my scrap car as there just don't seem to be any available. I have been looking at others that might do but they are not 'normal' brackets in that one side appears to be longer than the other.

I think your only source will be the breakers, my scrap car is a 2001 and they were still in very good condition.


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