Front coil spring

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Front coil spring

Post by twinspin » Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:57 pm

Well I think its safe to say my old pug is at the end of its life but im hoping to ride out the winter in her before letting her go :(

I have been toiling with the front suspension as one of the springs bust last week, its a new job iv never tackled so its been a bit of a headache and being in the lovely climate of a Scottish winter hasnt helped. But i have a question, today i have spend most of the day fitting a new spring to the strut but regardless of how many times I have removed, adjusted and assembled the spring to the strut the dam spring always has a kick in the middle as if over tensioned on one side or under tensioned on the other. Since the top bearings need replaced too i have fitted the strut back for now until new bearings arrive but the spring is rubbing slightly on the back wall of the arch due to the kick.

Has anyone experienced this before? as far as I can figure either the angle of the retainers are wrong or the spring is just too big!!

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Re: Front coil spring

Post by 8Jb9 » Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:32 pm

Could it be that you haven't seated it correctly in the recess? If it's rotated a bit off the side I could imagine it not laying exactly flat. There's a little hole where the spring end should rest.

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