bumper missalignment

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bumper missalignment

Post by APR » Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:37 pm

Hello friends,

I'm trying to fix this:

screen shot pc

as you can see, the bumper and the left wing have a gap, the screws and the bumper spring are where they should be... I cant understand why this is happening, and when all the screws are in place at the right side, on the left side I cant even place the spring because the holes are very missaligned , like this:


I have to say that I had an accident some time ago, I was driving at more or less 60 km/h when I crashed, then, the mechanic didnt replaced the impact absorber because is not so much damaged, just have 1 or 2 cracks, the impact absorber is in place with it 2 bolts ,

can you guys figure it out whats the problem ? Have this happened to someone ?

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