rear quarter light replacement

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rear quarter light replacement

Post by TonyRick56 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:07 pm

Have just had to do this, courtesy of someone in a French car park.
In my Pug, the lower fixing for the vertical window guide is not screws (Haynes manual) but a nut and a peg. To get access, you have to remove the trim panel. I couldn't get the guide out without gently bending the bracket rearwards to clear the fixed bolt.
Putting the new window (a fifth of the cost from a scrappy) in seemed impossible. Put the glass into the rubber, then lubricate the rubber top and bottom with silicone spray or washing up liquid. The whole goes in backwards from a horizontal position, rotating the top backwards into position. This won't happen without the lubrication.
Lastly, dropping the window guide back in was tricky - I waggled it backwards and forwards at the top to get the peg and fixed bolt past the rubber seal.
I bet some mechanic will be falling around laughing at my amateurism, but I wasn't paying out loads, just because some scrote tried to get into the car (they took nothing, despite the back being full of all our holiday stuff).

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