Damaged Door

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Damaged Door

Post by xplosiv » Fri Oct 27, 2006 2:18 am


Some dick has put two dents in my passenger door, from what it looks like there door (I am thinking fat children or crap parking) anyway, I took some pictures but they don't show the damage very well (so did not post).

The paint is not damaged at all; I was wondering if I could simply take the door card out and knock them out? (Or would this shag the paint, can I even get at it)??

The mechanic recommends getting the door knocked out and re-sprayed, sod that for an idea (well at least until the money tree I planted starts to bloom, I am hoping for next summer)

Anybody have any ideas/suggestions

Many Thanks,


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Post by DaiRees » Fri Oct 27, 2006 8:06 am

Does your area have one of these mobile businesses that seem to be sprouting up in recent years, there's a couple around here. Basically they specialise in minor damage of this nature. I'm told that if the paint's OK they can usually pull a small dent out, without causing any further damage, for about £50. I only know one guy who's used one of these companies though, but he had 2 matching dents that were both scratched through the paint, so his bill came to £250. BUT since the paint was already mixed they went 'round the whole car and touched in every single chip / mark within that price, the car looked great!! 8)

PS if it works let me know, the wife's car's got a real nasty trolley dent in one door and I'm too lazy to get a quote!! :?
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Post by neildavies » Fri Oct 27, 2006 2:04 pm

The 2 main companies are dent master (for dents obviously) and chips away, who also do dents, as well as chips, scratches, wheel curbing etc. Their all using this SMART repair ('Small Medium Area Repair Technique') instead of painting a whole panel.

I've used them for a scratch on the 206, and in they quoted £50&vat, but because he managed to get it out with mild sandpaper :shock: and polish, he did a curbed wheel for us instead. Their technique involves filler, whereas dent master and the like use heat to pull the dent out.
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