2.2 HDi Cam Belt Tensioning.(IMPORTANT INFO)

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2.2 HDi Cam Belt Tensioning.(IMPORTANT INFO)

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After doing a timing belt job yesterday I would just like to point out to anyone thinking of doing this job that it's important to remember a very important thing when tensioning the belt......

WITH THE LOCKING PINS IN PLACE....slacken off the 3 bolts on the cam pulley then turn the tensioner pulley anti clockwise onto the belt until you can just about turn the tensioner pulley, tighten up the tensioner pulley bolt and the 3 cam pulley bolts....it's important that the bolts in the slots in the cam pulley are in the middle of the slots to allow the cam pulley to be moved whilst the tension is set.

This also goes for any other timing belt job where there are bolts and slots in the cam pulley(s).

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Re: 2.2 HDi Cam Belt Tensioning.

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