Handbrake Cable Adjustment

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Handbrake Cable Adjustment

Post by jasper5 » Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:54 pm

If your handbrake is the drum in disc type.....

Slacken off the nut on the cable by the right hand side of the handbrake lever inside the car (10mm 3/8 drive deep socket on an extension works ok, but 1/4 drive gives you more room).
(this can be reached - just - without removing the centre console)

Slacken off the cable adjuster under the car, be careful to soak it with lots of WD40 or plus gas for a while to stop it snapping.
(Just so you know what it looks like when it's not a big blob of rust - also both 10mm)

Take off the wheels and adjust the adjusting wheel until the drum locks completely then let the adjuster back one click at a time until the drum turns.(Both sides of course).
This is how you do it:
Remove the plug with point-nosed pliers:

The adjuster is roughly opposite the caliper:

Turn the adjuster with a screwdriver thusly:

When you are done replace the plug so the blade in the middle is perpendicular to the centre lind of the hub:

Tighten up the underneath cable until the drums won't turn then slacken it until they turn.

Take up the slack by tightening the nut by the handbrake lever making sure the drums still turn...refit wheels.

My car was always rock solid on 4 clicks.

Bedding in of brake shoes (from passion406.com):
Find an empty stretch of road. Drive the car at approx. 30 kmh (18mph) and apply the handbrake until you can just feel the brakes starting to work. Pull the handbrake on one more click and travel 200 meters at around 20kmh (12mph). If it helps that works out at 36 seconds...

On the drum only type....slacken the cable adjuster...
Adjust the drum type by removing the wheel and drum and turn the ratchet about 5 clicks then try fitting the drum, if it fits tight slacken the ratchet 1 click, if it feels slack to fit on tighten a couple of clicks at a time until the drum fits on nicely with the drum turning and just catching the shoes, do both sides and tighten up the cable until the drums start to lock then slacken off a bit until they turn. Note: the automatic adjusters will not work if the cable is not slack when the handbrake is off.

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Re: Handbrake Cable Adjustment

Post by steve_earwig » Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:00 pm

Hopefully that'll do the trick :cheesy: Words by Jasper, pics by myself and mjb.

It could do with a pic of the drum only type adjuster so if anyone's got one send me a pm with a link :wink:
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