Front Bumper Removal... D8

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Front Bumper Removal... D8

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Hello... Hopefully this helps someone...

I managed to get the bumper off without removing the headlights.

Step 1: Using a small screwdriver and a pair of pliers remove the black push locks above the Peugeot Lion in the grill - very visible with bonnet open
Step 2: Unbolt the engine under tray - there are 2 bolts/nuts at the back of the tray attaching it to the front subframe (10mm) and 3 bolts at the front of the tray attaching it to the bumper.
Step 3: Unscrew the wheel arches and the part of the wheel arch that attaches to the bumper - they are a torx screws
Step 4: Detach the spotlights and the horn connection
Step 5: Unbolt the now exposed 10mm bolt from the back edge of the bumper in the wheel arch where the bumper meets the wing.
Step 6: There are some spring loaded locking tabs that you will need to pull and rotate (unless someones had the bumper off before and not twisted them again) just under the edge of the headlight
these need to be pushed through the hole in the wing to release the sides of the bumper.
Step 7: Pull the side of the bumper free so you can lay under the car and reach up behind the grill and undo the 2 10mm bolts there:
bolt locations with the bumper off. You do not need to completely remove these bolts just loosen them do the bumper can slide off:

You bumper should now just slide off and whamoo your done...

When refitting the bumper make sure you get the spring loaded twisty things back in to the wing holes before you tighen up the bumper as it''s a pain in the butt to get correct:

You also might want a second person to press the front of the bumper when your tightening up the bolts behind the grill to make sure they are properly located.
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