How to undo the auxiliary belt excentric roller bolt?

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Re: How to undo the auxiliary belt excentric roller bolt?

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I have done this brush/commutator replacement on a couple, also found a utube video somewhere but no sign of it right now. Tricky bit is removing the top cover from the regulator assembly to replace the brushes, video helped guide me to eventually get this right... needed a lot of patience on my part, plenty of cursewords flew around... :lol:

Also got my spares kit from some bloke in Russia, worked well but if you have the bloke from Ireland's details? Have another 2 needing brushes/commutator replacement. Have a fleet of 406 hdi's so spares are always needed to be at hand!

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Re: How to undo the auxiliary belt excentric roller bolt?

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My mate has an alternator and starter motor reconditioning son worked for him for a while.
If you need any info on rebuilding alternators just ask.
There are several places near here that supply parts for alternators.

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Re: How to undo the auxiliary belt excentric roller bolt?

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Doggy wrote:
Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:41 am
A few years back I repaired the alternator on my daughters 807, using a kit of parts, (bearings, slip-ring assembly, brushes etc). that cost £9 from a guy in Ireland after watching his how-to video on youtube. (Could never have stripped it down without wrecking it prior to watching the video). Convenient thing was he was selling the bits as well.
Tried but can't easily find the same video today, but there are at least 5 others if you search alternator repair.
On the one I fixed, the slip rings had almost worn away to the point where the brushes were running on the plastic instead of copper for about half the surface. These, the brushes and bearings are about the only bits that won't go on forever, so if you can replace them and the pulley it should be good as new.
Thanks Doggy. I tried to search for the specific repair kit that would go on my alternator (5705EY) but i couldn't find it.

Then i came across this page which conveniently shows all of the parts that are in this specific alternator. Just scroll down to the section "Contents of the Alternator AS-PL set:"

Each part is separately available :cheesy:. Just copy-paste the "Number of article" into the site's search box.
Examples: Just sharing...
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