2005 2.2HDi Coupe. Gunk in fuel system...or so I believe.

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2005 2.2HDi Coupe. Gunk in fuel system...or so I believe.

Post by OneLitreBeer » Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:44 am

Hello everyone!

Car is 2005 D9 Coupe with 150k km/93k miles on it.The problem started after a fuel filter change when the engine wouldn't stop running with ignition off for a few seconds and anti-pollution ELM came on, filter and fuel was orange smelt of paint and was full of unknown particles when I opened the casing, that was the first sign of gunk in the tank or where ever.

1)Car started going in limp mode randomly (with full tank) and a quick restart fixed it. Noticed whining noise(ultrasound) from the rear, believe it's tank pump struggling.
2)First time it shut itself off was with ~half tank, after 2-3 minutes it starts normally(for that time starter just cranks engine, won't let it start) but goes in limp mode in RPM range of 2500-3500.
3)Car is low on fuel, trip computer shows ~150km, it's unable to go past 1200 rpm and constantly shuts itself off, calling this a limp mode would be lying as it could barely even start moving without slipping clutch.

Yesterdays night I removed the fuel tank (never again will I do such thing on ground), the orange stuff, I believe, comes from the FAP tank. Can i just flush everything and leave FAP tank completely empty? How do you recommend I clean tanks and the rest of the system?

Heres some pictures.

MANN filter with 400km on it.
Some diagnostics, don't have PP2k nor do I know anyone who has.

Sorry for making my first post like this :D Also don't be afraid to suggest something advanced.

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Re: 2005 2.2HDi Coupe. Gunk in fuel system...or so I believe.

Post by Welly » Wed Sep 05, 2018 8:15 am

Completely puzzled as to what that orange stuff could be? :?

Most 2.2HDi's now have had all the emissions gubbins bypassed and the FAP and eoloys fluid systems turned off, the car is MUCH better off without it all especially at higher mileage. This thread should hopefully attract the attention of a few members who may be able to help in this area of expertise.
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Re: 2005 2.2HDi Coupe. Gunk in fuel system...or so I believe.

Post by stevewalsh » Wed Sep 05, 2018 8:39 am

Possibly Diesel fungus / microbes, Used to get it on Marine diesels when I was in the trade, Try searching google for it


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