Starter Motor

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Starter Motor

Post by polchraine » Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:50 pm

I have a 2.0 SE Petrol 2001 model coupe. I have also posted in the alternate Coupe forum but as the engines are identical, I am asking here too. Please can I ask for advice or experience.

The starter motor has failed and I have removed the original. Source a Delco/Remy remanufactured unit and it is different.

Mine is a Valeo unit and the replacement a Mitsubishi.

The diameter of te cogs are different but Remy assure me it is not as issue, however I cannot fit it as the collet/bush size is different.

Looking at the front, there are three fixings, the first at 9 o'clock is a straight through threaded on both, the one at 12 o'clock has a 14 mm (nominal) collet however the one at 3 o'clock has a 14mm collet on the original and 12mm bore on the Mitsubishi.

I cannot source a Valeo one.

Any suggestions or advice on how you have dealt with it before?

Also, there is a Bosch based one available and that has straight though bolts at 9 and 3 o'clock, with a 14 mm collet at 12 o'clock. Would that be a better option?

Thanks in advance ...
406 Coupe 2.0 SE

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