D8 V6 Ignition leads - possible groupbuy for silicone ones.

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D8 V6 Ignition leads - possible groupbuy for silicone ones.

Post by PhillipM » Thu Apr 05, 2018 3:19 pm

As above, I've just had the second set of leads die on me since having the car - and at £70-80 a set for 'decent' Bougicord ones I'm getting a little annoyed with them!
Not to mention the hassle of taking the inlet manifold, etc, off.

Anyway, I posted this on the Coupe club and copying it here to see if there's any interest in some some custom sets of silicone leads made with stainless-steel wire-wound conductors (instead of the usual carbon track type) - I've had a fair few custom made before for the racecars, as when driving through mud, rain, stream crossings, etc, etc, standard leads tend to die rapidly - whereas the silicone versions are generally fit and forget.

I've already measured and specced up and sent a spec sheet to Phil at Magnecor for a quote -I'm still waiting on a confirmed price as they're flat out at the minute, beginning of race season, etc, to give me a proper quote to the spec sheet - but after a quick look over it sounds like they'd be around £70 per set.
If we can get a few more people 5 or 10, that'd come down a bit more, but I'm not sure whether we have the numbers.

I do have another contact for odd stuff like the OE sprung/waisted pins the D8 uses too (rather than the cheap ebay pressed/split ones) - so the other option is I make them up myself, as I have the right crimping tools anyway, and I think I could do them for about £45-50.

Is anyone interested in having a set to see if we can get the numbers up, and if so, how fussed are you about having a shiny Magnecor sticker? :supafrisk: :lol:

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